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Dying Without Shame; Dying Without Panic

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Western Science

Dispelling Some Common Myths About Science

The Myth of the Magical "Scientific Method"

The Terrible Truth About Truth

Principal Problems with Principles

Psuedo-science or Proto-science

A Black Hole? Quite Likely!

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Keys to a Hidden World
Synchronicity and Auspicious Coincidence
Oracles and Divination 
Working with the Invisible
Prayer Flags and Prayer Wheels
Shrines, Stupas and Feng-shui

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Visions, Methods and Rewards

About Dharma Haven

A page that talks about what we're trying to do, some of the details of how we're doing it, and some of the more delightful consequences. 

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About the Images
Wheel of DharmaMani BackgroundDream Flag

The images on this page are important symbols in Tibetan buddhism. Like all Buddhist images, they offer us ways to learn more about our own minds.

Dharmachakra -- Wheel of Truth: The Dharma Wheel represents the truth about our situation and the many ways of understanding it more clearly. It also brings to mind Sakyamuni himself, who discovered that it is possible for human beings to wake up. For this reason he is called Buddha -- the Awakened One. Buddha encouraged people to rely on their own experience, rather than depending upon or worshiping authority figures or gods. His teaching is often called "turning the wheel of the dharma."

more about buddhadharma

Om Mani Padme Hum -- The Mantra of Chenrezig:  Tibetan Buddhists meditate on the qualities of various enlightened energies, in order to bring out those aspects of their own minds. Chenrezig embodies the compassion of all the Buddhas. His mantra, shown here in Tibetan script, forms the background of this page and a lot of the other Dharma Haven pages. Just seeing it, or hearing it, or thinking about it, is said to connect one to Chenrezig's compassion. 

more about chenrezigom mani padme hum

Karmapa's Dream Flag: The Karmapas are among the most respected Tibetan meditation masters.The 16th Karmapa once saw this flag in a dream. He called it "Victorious Flag of the Buddha's Wisdom," and announced "Wherever this banner is flown, the Dharma will expand." Historically, the Karmapas' predictions have been correct. That's why we put this image on our pages, and why you are welcome to use it for any respectful purpose.

more about the dream flag
more about the karmapa

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Dream Flag

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