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This stops spammers who automatically extract email addresses from Web pages. We sincerely regret the inconvenience to visitors.

What's the Point?

To get announcements when new  pages are published on Dharma Haven, send a message with "Yes!" as the Subject. If you like, you can mention what sections of the Web site you are interested in.

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What's the Point?
We do want our readers to be able to contact us. Unfortunately, the standard system of putting an e-mail address at the bottom of each page has been causing more and more problems. 

One type of problem -- "spam," or unwanted e-mail -- emerged almost immediately when the Internet became available to the public. A Web site like Dharma Haven, which is highly visible in appropriate Web searches, attracts many messages of this sort, as robots scan the Web for e-mail addresses. By offering our address to you in a form that most web robots won't be able to read, we should avoid being included in new "targeted e-mail" campaigns, and as we shut down all our old Dharma Haven addresses, the flood of spam should abate to manageable levels. It doesn't guarantee that we won't get unwanted e-mail, but at least a human being will have to be involved in the process of sending it to us.

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