The Cranberry

An instant newsletter for OAS members and other interested persons.

Originally the OAS had a print newsletter called the Crann Beathadh, which is Gaelic for the "tree of life". (This is the kind of thing that happens when I am allowed to name things.) Naturally, no one could pronounce it, so everyone called it the Cranberry. The new, free, online version is just called the Cranberry, because I didn't think most folk would be able to spell the old name either.

That's what kind of an organization we are - pragmatic, cooperative, adaptable - but most of all, spiritual.

Anyone may subscribe to the Cranberry, whether a member of the OAS or not, but only members may post. Postings to the newsletter will happen irregularly, and it will probably be a low-volume list.

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OAS Email List

While the Cranberry is a newsletter, not a discussion group, and posting is restricted to members only, we do have a 'companion' discussion group, the OAS email list. An email list, for those of you who don't know, is a wonderful means of forming an online community. Because the members of the Order and other kindred spirits are so widely separated geographically, we felt that an email list would enhance our community, at least for those of us fortunate enough to be online.
On the OAS list, we discuss a variety of subjects having to do with healing and various aspects of personal and spiritual growth, including our responses to the articles, stories, and poetry posted in the Cranberry newsletter. Subscribers to the OAS list may also post requests for distant healing and prayer work by the other subscribers. This list is usually busier than the Cranberry Newsletter, but still not a high volume list.
There is no charge for subscribing to the OAS mail list, and again, you do not need to be an OAS member to do so. The subscription information is very similar to that above, and the correct links and addresses are given below.

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Heartline is a one-way email list. In it Jessica Macbeth, the OAS Senior Instructor, posts her thoughts and observations. These may be essays, stories, poems, or spiritual exercises. On the average, she will probably post something once or twice a week, but you never can tell. Some of the thing posted here may also be posted on the Cranberry, but many of them won't. There may also be discussions about some of the things posted here on the OAS list - or there may not. That is up to the subscribers.

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These pages are currently edited by Jesa Macbeth, Senior Instructor.
We're happy to try to answer your questions about the Order. You can write to me at If I can't answer you myself, I'll forward your questions to someone who can. I would also be interested in reading your comments or suggestions about these pages.

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