Feng Shui Course - Intentions

The course will be principally 'Western' style but I intend to include, at appropriate points, some teachings from traditional styles of Feng Shui and other associated subjects that I have found useful in the practise of Feng Shui. There will be two main elements:

Participation on the list will be by invitation and all OAS list members, and any interested friends are invited to apply. The 'closed' list is to enable me to ensure that no one gets left struggling with something they don't quite get (this would mean that I haven't put it across very well ). I see this as a process of sharing.

We will be taking a more spiritual view than most conventional courses, I am aware that some people doubt the value of Feng Shui when they are learning to see their outer world as an expression of their inner selves. I respect this and still feel that there is much that can be learned, we will discuss it on the Feng Shui list.

All participants will be expected to be comfortable with pendulum dowsing as we shall be doing several exercises using a pendulum. (Anyone who wishes to join the list but has not used a pendulum before can, perhaps, receive individual coaching on this subject). There will be no charge for participation, I expect to learn a lot in the process, and some of this may well end up in a book.

All material submitted by me for inclusion in the OAS Web-site, under the heading of 'Feng Shui', and all material presented by me on the Feng Shui list will be my responsibility and attributable to me. It will not necessarily represent the views of the OAS or any other individual. None of the views or other material placed on the Feng Shui list by any of its participants will be disclosed to any other person off the list without the express permission of the author of those views or material.

My intention is that the list will be informative, supportive and fun. This does not preclude participants from challenging points of view or presenting alternative views (where appropriate), in fact this is to be positively encouraged, I am looking forward to some lively debate!

These are my intentions for now. My intentions, and my view of the world, are constantly under review, so there may be changes. :)

You can write to me at michael.esse@lineone.net

Michael Slaughter

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