About the Order...

The Order of the Ascending Spirit is a non-profit religious corporation dedicated to furthering the spiritual growth and the use and development of the spiritual gifts of humankind. Lay, certified, and ordained members of the Order work individually from their homes and/or offices to provide healing, psychic readings, psychic and spiritual counseling, education, and other spiritual services.
The Order functions under a set of Principles, a Rule, and a Constitution. The Principles state the basic beliefs of the members of the Order. The Rule gives guidelines for the practice of the inner spiritual life, daily life, and the practice and use of the spiritual gifts. The Constitution defines the purposes and operation of the Order itself.


Members share information and questions with each other in various ways. Where there are enough members to do so, they often hold potluck picnics or gatherings or meditation groups. Where they are more isolated, they keep in touch via a very irregular online newsletter (remember, everything is voluntary, including writing the newsletter material) and/or through the OAS email list. The OAS email list is open to anyone who would like to join, and membership in the OAS is not required to join the email list. The newsletter, the Cranberry, is also freely available.
To find more information and subscription links for the OAS email discussion group, go to OAS email list.
To find out more about the newsletter, go to the Cranberry page.

Services Available

Absent Healing
To make a request for absent healing, please write to Jesa Macbeth at jesamac@pobox.com, giving a name (first only is all right) and a brief description of the problem. If you don't tell us otherwise, we assume that you want healing sent daily for one month. Jesa will forward your request to the OAS E-Mail List.

Healing Circles
Public healing circles are run by various members of the Order. For information about healing circles in the UK, please contact Eileen Inge Herzberg at eileen@dircon.co.uk. In the USA, please contact Vince Hennigan at harvest@electriciti.com.

Other services are offered on an individual basis by the members. These services include healing by laying on of hands, psychic reading, spiritual counseling, classes in metaphysics, parapsychology, healing, psychic and spiritual development, lectures to groups, and ministerial services such as baby blessings, marriages, memorial services, et cetera.

We're happy to try to answer your questions about the Order. You can write to me, Jesa Macbeth, the editor of these pages, at jesamac@pobox.com If I can't answer you myself, I'll forward your questions to someone who can. I would also be interested in reading your comments about these pages.

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