The Magical Link List

Members of the OAS

Eileen Inge Herzberg - articles about Eileen's experiences on workshops (firewalking, tantra, five rhythms dance, articles about natural health (agony page, waterbirths and Cancer and Hope) and some poems that sprung out of the joys and tribulations of living in Cornwall.

Jesa Macbeth - articles, stories, silly stuff, classes, pomes, books and tapes - whatever.

Friends of the Order

Charlene Crilley's Prosperity Page Prosperity. Check out this outline. A way to create more of what you want in your life. A way to consistently focus and follow through to reach your goals while mutually building a sense of community with others of like mind.

Dharma Haven - good info on Tibetan Buddhism and healing and many other interesting things. The people at Dharma Haven are dedicated to the vision of creating an enlightened society. Although the two organizations are not connected, except by common goals, Dharma Haven is kindly hosting these OAS pages on the web, so you can tell that they are good people. Terry Halwes is in charge here.

Jill Lamede - Her home pages and the things she does. Also information about her excellent book, It - a wife's journey through about AIDS.

Other Things

Tarot Deck - The members of the OAS email list are slowly, slowly, slowly creating a tarot deck, at least the major arcana, just for fun. You can see the first ones here.

We're happy to try to answer your questions about the Order. You can write to me, Jesa Macbeth, the editor of these pages, at If I can't answer you myself, I'll forward your questions to someone who can. I'll pass on your comments about the Tarot Deck to the makers, and I would also be interested in reading your comments about these pages.

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