The OAS Email List

A discussion group for OAS members and other interested persons.

A mail list is an internet community of people with common interests. Basically, the way it works is that you subscribe (free) and then you receive email from "the list" - from any subscriber who wants to write in. You can then, if you want to, respond to these letters. In making your response, you decide whether it is more appropriate to send it only to the person who wrote or to respond to the list as a whole to keep the discussion open to others. If you want to respond to the list as a whole, you just use the reply function on your mail program, which sends it to the "list server" which then distributes copies to everyone on the list.

As in any community, there are the people who are active and the people who just kind of watch what is going on ("lurkers", they are called, but really they are "listeners" or "readers"). Both are welcome on OAS, although, of course, the usual rule of life applies - the more you contribute, the more you receive.

The following is a part of the information you would receive if you subscribe (this is free) to the OAS mail list:
This list is for members and friends of the OAS to share information and experiences about their spiritual path. Some of the members of this list are experienced healers, meditators, and teachers. Others are relatively new to the subjects and issues discussed here. We hope this list will provide an opportunity for all of us to share with and learn from each other.
The Order of the Ascending Spirit is a spiritual home to a diverse group of people who have a shared interest in psychic and spiritual growth. Some of the things we do and teach are discussed on the Order's other pages here, and some are on individual member's pages. (See Links to Members & Friends)

To Subscribe:

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Or you can subscribe by sending an otherwise blank email to:

Or, if all else fails, send an email to:
In the body of the message simply explain that you wish to subscribe to the list, and I'll put you on the list as soon as I can, though my response may not be immediate.
If you do subscribe, please read the whole of the welcome message.

Rules of the List

Our rules are very simple. They are really just common courtesy and good netiquette.

1. Kindness and politeness rule. No flames, rudeness, or offensive language are acceptable.
2. Tolerance and respect are also keynotes. We honor your right to choose your own path. We ask that you respect list members' rights to choose theirs, even when it does not align with yours and even when you are convinced you are right and we are wrong. :) No proselytizing for your path or criticizing the paths of others.
3. Observe netiquette.
a) Edit your replies to the list so that you do not unnecessarily clutter the list and waste bandwidth with repeats.
b) Do not, do not, do not send attachments with your mail to the list.
c) Don't send advertising, spam, chain letters, or copyrighted material (unless you are the copyright owner), or things posted to other lists (unless you have the permission of the original writer to pass their post on) to the list. If you didn't write it, assume that it is copyright, please.
If you need help with understanding any of this, please write to me at

There is more to the rules, but these are the main 'don'ts'. You will receive the other information when you subscribe.
If you have any questions about how to use a mail list or problems with this one, please email me, Jesa Macbeth, the list facilitator, personally at the address below.

We're also happy to try to answer your questions about the Order.
You can write to me, Jesa Macbeth, the editor of these pages,
If I can't answer you myself,
I'll forward your questions to someone who can.

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