It becomes evident from studying the Principles of the Order that spiritual law implies that certain conduct and awareness is required to express perfection in human life.
This Rule attempts to describe a way of life which manifests the essential harmony, joy, and unity of the being and the universe. Consciously striving to achieve this way of life facilitates spiritual growth toward the realization of that manifestation. Members of the Order actively and consciously endeavor to practice the Rule in order to attain that realization in their own lives.

The Inner Life

One recognizes that one is of God, of the unity of all that is, and one derives compassion for all and infinite joy from that recognition.
One daily practices silent prayer, contemplation, and/or meditation, and one attains purity and clarity of mind.
One seeks spiritual guidance in all things.
One maintains serenity and detachment from the transient things of life, living fully and joyously in the world while maintaining the perspective of eternal life and an awareness of the unity of all existence.
One seeks truth and the attainment of wisdom, putting aside personal bias and desire in the search for enlightenment.
One maintains an open and enthusiastic attitude toward learning and increases in knowledge and mental skills which, when combined with spiritual awareness, contribute to wisdom and understanding.
One is committed to developing one's spiritual senses and powers to their fullest.
One accepts full responsibility for one's own thoughts, intentions, feelings, and actions at all times, but never makes value judgments about oneself or others, recognizing that all beings are learning and growing in their own way.
One uses all experiences to increase one's understanding and spiritual strength.
One searches for and removes the limitations one has placed upon oneself in error or in ignorance and moves toward the achievement of spiritual, mental, and emotional maturity.

Daily Life

One recognizes one's physical body and life as the manifestation on the physical plane of one's essential being, and one makes that manifestation one of harmony, health, and joy. One is a whole person with a rich and integrated spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical life.
One remembers always that thoughts and words manifest in the world, and one only expresses thoughts which encourage compassion, benevolence, creativity, honesty, growth, harmony, joy, or spiritual awareness in oneself and others.
One aids and encourages the spiritual growth and development of others in all ethical ways, including that of refusing to allow them to treat oneself or others in an unethical, cruel, or malicious way when it is within one's power to stop or avert such behavior.
One shows respect for the principles and beliefs of others.
One respects the rights of others to privacy and self-determination.
One conducts one's daily life and work with integrity, acting ethically and with honesty, and one shows compassion and benevolence in all of one's actions. One acts from conscience and with spiritual guidance.
One uses one's spiritual gifts for the spiritual advancement of oneself and, whenever possible, others through a practical expression of these gifts in all matters pertaining to daily life.
One observes the Rule as well as one is able, not only to benefit oneself and to provide an example of the value of such a way of life, but equally as importantly, to create in oneself the capacity to aid others in their self-healing processes and to counsel wisely.

Service to Others

The purpose of our work with others is to share our spiritual awareness and knowledge of the processes of healing and to use our spiritual gifts and skills to aid those who are willing to strive to establish a life that manifests the harmony, balance, and unity of the universe.
One uses all information obtained - whether received psychically, from the person one serves, or from any other source - only for the highest good of that person.
One uses discretion regarding the psychic information received, imparting it to the client in accordance with individual's needs and capabilities.
One respects the confidence of any person who comes to one for assistance. Only with that person's express permission does one make known, in any way, information about him or her.
One respects the right of all others to privacy in the healing and counseling process as in all else, and one focuses only on obtaining information psychically or in any other way that is necessary and/or relevant to that process.
One provides services and assistance to others with full regard for their spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being.
One encourages a spirit of self-reliance and independence in those whom one serves, whenever possible educating them to help them selves and become self-sufficient.
One respects the right of others to make their own decisions in their own way.
One advocates and teaches only the natural arts which are within the capabilities of the person advised for mood control and spiritual development. Such arts are mental disciplines, self-healing, and the various mental and physical exercises and practices which are useful for those purposes.
One shows respect for and strives to be knowledgeable about other healing arts and their practitioners, and one refers those in need of assistance to others when their needs so indicate.
One offers healing, psychic reading, counseling, or any other service to the public only when one's own mental, emotional, and physical processes are such that one can reasonably expect to perform that service competently.
One continues to educate oneself in ways that will improve one's healing and counseling skills.
One is careful that all information given about one's training and skills is clear, complete, and understandable.
One respects and treats compassionately and benevolently all who come to one for assistance, serving without bias, regardless of race, creed, color, age, sex, national origin, or economic status.

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