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Net Quest

Our Net-Quest pages are designed to be easy to use, fast loading (hardly any graphics, for example), and so on. We developed them as a tool for working on the Dharma Haven Web site, and decided to make them available on the Web.  Our startup page is the page called Dharma Haven's Net Quest Links (Start Here on the directory in the column to the left). The Net-Quest link, at the bottom of the directory at left, goes to a more detailed Directory of Net-Quest Links Pages.

The goal is to get where we want to go with very few mouse clicks and little or no scrolling. Of course scrolling is allowed -- you can browse the Net Quest pages and click on every link to see where it goes, if you want. We do intend to provide annotations for the links that aren't obvious, but that may take a while.

Web links go out of date at an alarming rate, and when that happens we try to update them when we can, and get rid of them when we can't update them. You can help, if you like: If you find a broken link, or a better source for something -- better than the one we have here -- or find something useful that we don't have listed at all, we'd love to hear about it. Send  a message to quest@dharma-haven.org by clicking on the link that says "Your Comments, Please" -- there's one at the bottom of each page.

Dharma Haven

The Dharma Haven Web site is our attempt to develop a relatively stable guide to Web, beginning with resources that we have found especially useful, like herbal medicine, statistics, Tibetan Buddhism and Western scientific psychology. The DharmaHaven link at the bottom of the list on the left will take you to a Directory of the Dharma Haven pages. The page titled "Dharma Haven's Vision" tries to give an overview of what we are trying to do.

Start-Up Page

You can make any page on the Web your start-up page by changing the preferences in your browser. 

In Netscape Navigator the easiest way is to go to the desired page, then choose "Preferences" at the bottom of the "Edit" menu, and click the button labeled "Use Current Page" in the "Home Page" section.

In MS Internet Explorer the easiest way is to go to the desired page, then choose "Internet Options" at the bottom of the "View" menu, and click the button labeled "Use Current" in the "Home Page" section.

Tara's Webstore

This site is partly supported by commissions on books, videos, CD's, games and personal electronics sold through Tara's WebStore -- the commission can be as much as 15% on some items, but the price you pay is the same. The Jump to amazon.com link at the bottom of the Net-Quest Start Page will take you directly to amazon.com, and we'll still get a 5% commission on most of your purchases.


Another way to help support Dharma Haven, while improving your access to the Internet, is to register with Mindspring as your Internet connection service, and give our e-mail address, thalwes@mindspring.com, when they ask who recommended them to you.

Mindspring is our superb Internet Service Provider. If you are tired of having trouble connecting with the internet, irritated by having your connection "dropped" suddenly in the middle of a session, or embarrased when your geeky friends ask if you've managed to escape from the doldrums of AOL, you might enjoy working with a more responsive, respectful -- and competent -- company. 

Your Comments, Please