Of all the components of a computer system, human beings are hardest to install correctly. 
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The entire Web Workshop is a training tool. This page sumarizes and gives links to the various training resources on the Webshop pages, and also points to other training resources that cover topics that we don't. 

For example, our pages on software used for making Web pages focus mainly on the programs we use. On this page we provide an outline of the topics covered by our Webware pages, but we also provide links to other ways of learning about software -- most of them discuss programs or types of programs that we don't cover, and some of them express opinions that we don't share. 

Using the Webshop Tools 
Using Searches and Stuff 

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Training Resources on the Webshop Pages
Basic Systems Aquiring an excellent inexpensive computer for working with the World Wide Web. 
Hardware Purchasing Strategy 
Selecting a New Computer 
Upgrading Computer Systems
Indirect Access to the Internet 
Public Access Internet Connections 
Free E-mai Accounts 
Free Web-Page Hosting 
Internet Access Services
Webwork Software Selecting inexpensive software tools of good quality. 
Sources of Software Reviews 
Download and Install 
Web-Page Editors 
Web Browsers 
Graphics Software 
Software for Uploading Pages to the Web 
Making Pages: General Basics 
Special Programs for Web Page Making
Two ways to work with Web pages, Page View Editors and Code View Editors 
Getting Started 
Starting from Scratch, Converting Word Processor Documents and Using Models from the Web.
Test Drive Your Pages
If you plan to put your pages onto the Web, try to look at them the way others will.
Making Pages: Dharma Haven Guidelines 
Making Pages: Dharma Haven Pages 

Guidelines Getting pages ready for the public Web.

Style Guides
HTML Guides
Hypertext Theory 

 Weblishing and Site Keeping 

Servers and Hosts
Uploading Pages
Site Maintenance
Weblicity let people know about your pages.  
Meta Tags and Title: Get ready for automatic indexing
Register Your Site with Search and Directory Services
Link Requests and Exchanges
Inform Newsgroups and E-mail Discussion Groups without spamming.
Off-line Media
Keep Score: ways to tell how you're doing
Web Notepad Basics  use the power of hypertext in research and writing projects.  

This page is about how we actually make Web pages. 

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Training Resources on the Internet  

Introduction to Web Design and Web Design -- More Than Meets the Eye are two tutorials from The Web Developer's Virtual Library.  The first covers "the nuts and bolts of HTML," while the second approaches the topic from "architectural principles" intended to optomize the users experience and benefit.  The information architecture approach is explored further in Design in Infospace

The WDVL covers many other topics just as richly, with tutorials, resources, links, tools and whatever else is available that's relevant, provided for each topic -- Graphics, much more about HTML, Multimedia, Software ... go see for yourself. 

Ziff-Davis University:  Online community for learning about computers -- All the computer classes you want for only $4.95 a month! 

Basic Training (Boot Camp)

"When I first got my computer I was afraid to push all the buttons for fear it would break or some god-awful thing happen. The more familiar I became with it, the more confident I was and my fear diminished." 

 Where did MY Files Go? 

Step by step download instruction from Jumbo 

Internet Tutorial 

Online Faq Library 

More Training Resources 
 Iconn's Computing Page 
Suggestions from Connecticut's premire local Internet Service Provider  Web Design (Brooklyn North) 

The Web Designer 

ON-LINE MAGAZINES Internet news and resources (Mecklermedia -- formerly iworld
Inter@ctive Week 
Yahoo! Internet 
ZD Internet 

Yahoo! Internet Life 
Internet World 
ZD Internet Magazine 
Hundreds more are listed in Yahoo!'s Internet Magazines
Books are listed in Yahoo!'s Books about the  Internet  

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